An 8th grade paper writen on womens involvment in the American Revolution.

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During the American Revolution women played an integral role in the patriotic cause. The women took care of the injured soliders. Wives of officers as well as soliders followed the men to help them supplie stuff after returning from their battle. As well as a lady, Mary Draper, a lady that is remebered. She was a lady who did a great cause for the soldier when they were in need. Every women was imporant.

Women cooked and took care of thousands of sick and injured soldiers. They even turned their own homes into a hospital to take care of the soldiers. When the soldiers needed clothes, the women spun and sewed clothe for the Army. The women were a great deal during the Revolution and a big help for the soldiers after their batteles. They were fed, bathed, and even hospitalized. They helped a lot besides that.

Women made homes of hovels, hunts, tents and lean-to's.

They built them just to have a hot meal for the men returning from their battles. Some women were even forced out to give over their own homes as enemy headquarters and watch them burn when vacated. Women as well as girls were aware of the enemy conversations and helped with deceit, intrigue, stealth, and escape techniques to help the Patriots.

An example of a colonial woman who had aided in the outamit victory of the rebels was a lady named by Mary Draper. Mary Draper's husband was a thriving farmer with a full granary. She spent a few days plus a night baking food for the walking patriots that walked toward the Army. She baked bread in her large ovens and served her bread with chesse and cider. As all the patriots were fed and none of them were...