Abolishment of Animal Testing

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Animal Testing Should Be AbolishedAnimal testing imposes a great deal of cruelty on innocent creatures. Testing involves the use of cosmetics, medicines, and household products on animals. The tests are all unnecessary because animals react to substances much differently than humans. All of the tests take long amounts of time to complete, and in the end they are pointless due to the fact that they only show needless results. Today's technology has many alternatives to testing, which completely eliminates the suffering experienced by millions of animals each year. Therefore, with the inability to produce any important results and the unfortunate pain they inflict upon harmless creatures, animal testing should be abolished and today's technology should help replace these harmful acts (Lasry 1).

Many people say we test on animals to avoid testing people, which is wrong. Once the testing is completed on animals, the new substance is then tested on humans.

The first people to take a new substance are being experimented on as if they were animals locked in a laboratory. If you were to open up a dog, pig, cat, rat, or human, you would find a very similar environment, but this does not mean that there are not visible differences, which each animal is affected differently by. For example, rats do not have a gall bladder, which causes them to excrete bile very differently. Many drugs are excreted via the bile, so the drug may not affect the rat as it is intended. Also, rats always breath through their nose. Because some chemicals are absorbed through the nose, some are filtered, which causes rats to get a different mix of substances entering their systems. Any of these inconsistencies will alter drug metabolism (Greek 1-2).

Another serious problem with animal testing is the fact that there is no...