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It is a fact that the majority of the indigenous communities in Australia are the most disadvantaged. This is evident with the situation in Roebourne (located in Western Australia). When the coal mines were discovered in Roebourne, it opened up many work opportunity for the locals. This was the chance for many of the eager unemployed aborigines to have proper work and provide food for their families. However, this was not the case. Although many aborigines applied for jobs at Roebourne, they were unfortunately all knocked back. Instead of giving the jobs to the needy aborigines, they were given to were the Europeans. This caused a great frustration.

The main issue concerning Roebourne is unemployment and opportunity. Aborigines in Roebourne have gotten nowhere. People have grown up with this way of thinking that all aboriginals are drunks that live off the dole inflicted by themselves. All we see on TV are aboriginal stereotypes of what we would think.

i.e. aborigines as poor, homeless, and living in poverty. Do these people have a choice? Is it their fault they can't find a job? For many centuries now the aborigines have suffered and lived in dismay. The expansion of the English settlement forced the Aborigines to give up their beloved land. This invasion left the majority of Aboriginal people homeless. The chance of recovery from such disaster was zilch.

Their culture was also greatly shaped by the force from the English Settlement. Aboriginal people were evicted off their land, and their whole lifestyle was taken away from them. Without their land, they could not practice their rituals and traditions, thus their culture had been torn; it was the basis of their religious spiritual life.

These people in Roebourne had no choice but to resort to constant drug and alcohol abuse.