Sleepy Hallow

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When Ichabod woke from what seemed like an endless sleep, he realized that he was without a head and he was holding a pumpkin in one hand. When he stood up he saw that his horse had been replace with a black stallion. At first he was very confused but later realized that he was now the dreaded headless horseman.

It took Ichabod some time to get use to his new body without a head and his new horse that was much more rambunctious then his old plow horse that he had barrowed from the farmer. One thing that was hard for Ichabod was not being able to eat, he had no real head, just a pumpkin. Ichabod still thought about his dear Katrina daily and was always trying to devise a plan of how to win her hand in marriage.

Ichabod soon realized that he had become the headless horseman because he was struck in the head by the pumpkin.

So he figured all he had to do was catch Brom Bones one night when he was in the forest and strike him with his pumpkin. Then Brom Bones would trade places with Ichabod and Ichabod would be able to marry the dear Katrina.

Ichabod knew that he may have to wait some time before Brom would come through the forest and it would have to be at night. So he found a nice place in a tree near the road so he could catch a glimpse of anyone who was to pass by. And there he waited patiently. Almost a year had gone by and still no sign of Brom. Then he realized that the Van Tassels would probably be holding another party like they had before, and Brom Bones was sure to attend.

Early in the afternoon...