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Abortion is choice that should be available to all women. Every woman should have the right to choose. Our government is crossing the line in trying to take away this right from women.

Teen pregnancy is a big problem these days in our country. Many teen mothers drop out of high school and can't go back. Their entire lives have been changed. All their hopes and dreams of the future have been cut short. Some are even cut off by their families. They have to get a job to support themselves and their babies. There is also the factor of personal humiliation some of them feel. There are always people out there who are whispering and gossiping about them. Many mothers don't want to go through this. If abortion is made illegal, they will have no choice but to give up their lives for their babies. Teen pregnancy is one problem that cannot be solved by making abortion illegal.

Many people argue that there are alternatives to abortion like adoption. Many mothers give up their children in an attempt to regain their "normal" lives. Imagine what the life of those children will be like. Some of them will be tossed around from foster home to foster home. Many don't even get adopted. They go through life thinking that their parents abandoned them. I believe that adoption just allows the parents to pass on their responsibilities to other people instead of taking responsibility themselves.

There are also cases where abortion is necessary. Some of these cases are rape and incest. In rape, women will have to bear the children of the men who ruined their lives. Abortion is good way to stop that from happening. Many teen mothers do not have the fathers to help them support and raise their babies. Abortion gives them a chance to go back to school and finish it. This will give them a good chance at the future.

Abortion is a choice that all women should have. Many of them need it to move on and proceed with their lives. If abortion becomes illegal many women will just give up their children to adoption and pass on their responsibilities to someone else.