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Anti-pornography protesters probably kick themselves in the butt when they realize the most successful way to make money on the Internet is through sex sites. . The New York Times reported that while other companies are cutting back on their pay-per-view information, adult Web sites are actually increasing output. Reports show an estimated $1 billion was made off of adult sites last year, and an estimated $3 billion will be made this year. Sad to reveal that nobody wants to pay for the overly-intellectual encyclopedia information provided by Britannica or read the dry and boring news of the Wall Street Journal. Instead they'll shovel out all their money to watch Bambi's "special" bedtime story. Anti-porn protesters say that pornography dehumanizes women. They say, especially with the availability of the Internet, it does damage to children exposed to such information. They say pornography de-moralizes the world, changes sex to a profit industry and takes away from its true purpose as a symbol of love between two loving, committed people.

In conclusion, the pornography is not really the problem. The problem is a society that purchases the pornography. We live in a society with people who ban porn in the outside world, make fun of people who openly use it and then, within the secrecy of their homes, log onto www.sex.com. I don't agree with pornography, but I know that it won't go away easily. Even if it is against the law in the country, it will still survive -- maybe even better than it does now. The only way to stop pornography is through the mindset of the people who use it, but until then America will continue to click away. .