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Abortion What if, during the first few weeks of her pregnancy, your mother decided she didn't want you? How would that make you feel? Could you imagine that your mother, someone who you've known for so long, never wanted to keep you? Well that's what women all over the country are doing. When they find out they are pregnant and decide that they don't want the baby, they resort to something called abortion. Associations like Planned Parenthood are pro-abortion; they feel that the mother should decide what she wants to do. On a planned parenthood website they talk about anti-abortionists, and how there stand against abortion, affects and tampers with women's rights. The Catholic Church's stance on abortion is that it is evil and sinful. At the time of conception it is a living being. I am anti-abortion, or pro-life. In my opinion abortion is immoral and irresponsible for people to actually go through this gruesome process.

Almost every third baby in the U.S. is killed by abortion. A realistic look at how many abortions took place in the 1990's is around 1,800,000. The numbers of abortion for people classified by marital status is as follows. Married couples: 106,838. Unmarried: 436,633. Unknown: 11,175. Although there are billions of people in this world, these numbers are actually a lot. And they are just for the U.S. imagine how many other people are having abortions around the world.

There are many reasons that people have abortions. Rape, incest, age, marital status. People try to find a way or an excuse to make themselves look like the innocent ones. Yes, rape is a horrible thing, and my heart goes out to any one who has been affected by it. But does getting an abortion un-rape you? No, I didn't think so. Mothers should...