Abortion : Silent Victims

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For over thirty years, there have been constant debates, countless college papers, many riots, and millions upon millions of innocent lives taken, all because of one thing, abortion! People will argue that since it is a woman's body than it is a woman's choice, therefore giving her the right to murder the beautiful baby inside her. It is legal to get an abortion and kill the child inside you, yet if a pregnant woman is murdered and she wanted to keep her baby then her killer is charged with double homicide for murdering both the woman and the unborn baby inside her. Does this make any sense to you because it sure doesn't to me? On January 22, 1973, the infamous case of Roe vs. Wade took place-legalizing abortion. Since then over fifty million children have been aborted in the United States alone. You could argue that the baby is not really even human yet while inside its mother, even though after three weeks a developing babies heart begins beating.

After eight weeks, the child has brain waves, swims, grasps instruments, sucks its thumb and most importantly feels pain. Doesn't this qualify as human? It is sad that minors in California must have permission from their parents to get their ears pierced, yet a girl can receive an abortion without any parental notification at any age. Some girls are even as young as thirteen. Abortions are legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy with forty-five abortions performed every day, on women carrying a child of five months or older.

One of the relatively strong cases people have for abortion is what about rape or incest. Well a proven fact is rape and incest account for less than two percent of all abortions; almost ninety-eight are strictly for convenience. In America alone, there are over two million couples this very day that will have to wait several years just to adopt a child.

Did you know that the entire earth's population could live in the state of Texas alone? So there goes the question of population control. There is so much land and resources that we can still use everywhere. One last thing that I would like to point out is what happens to the selfish mother. After an abortion, your risk of breast cancer and various other cancers is almost doubled. According to a large study conducted on post abortive women, suicide was seven hundred percent greater in those women a year after an abortion, compared to a year after childbirth. Death from "natural" causes was sixty percent greater and don't forget about the lifelong mental and emotional ailments that go along after having an abortion that the mother must go through day- by -day; wandering about the child they so sadly and viciously gave up. Who knows maybe they would have become doctors, scientists, teachers, or maybe even presidents.

I know my mother often wonders and even cries sometimes, thinking of what might have become of the two children she aborted before having my sister and me. This means that we only had a fifty-fifty chance of being alive today! Therefore, do I feel people in America need to stop murdering these innocent babies? Your damn right I do! If people like you and me, do not stick up for our lost brothers and sisters, or friends and neighbors, then who will. They cannot speak for themselves remember; they were never given the chance to!