Abraham Maslow

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Psychology Research Report Abraham Maslow was best known to the world of psychology for his concept of the hierarchy of human needs. His idea ideas were based on individuals strive toward growth which became the beginning of the humanistic movement.

Abraham was the oldest son of migrant Jewish parents who came to the US to escape harsh living conditions in Russia. In April, 1908, Abraham was born in Brooklyn, New York. After his birth six more offspring arrived. Abraham's father wanted him to succeed with so much determination that he was never allowed to have friends to play with and spend most of his time helping his father make ends meet. He found solace in books and began reading the works of other psychologists of his time such as Jung and Pavlov. He became very interested in Psychology. Even though he promised his parents he would study law he rebelled married his cousin (Bertha Goodman) and enrolled at the University of Wisconsin where he received his BA in Psychology.

He went on to receive his Masters degree in 1931 and later his doctorate in 1934.

His early studies were based on Harlow's experiments on primates. His joint study combined with the trend in testing and measuring intelligence led him to focus on social behavior, personality traits and motivation in relation to human beings. In 1937 Abraham moved back to Brooklyn to teach at Brooklyn College. It was during his 14 years of teaching at Brooklyn College that he published is best works including A Theory of Human Motivation and his book titled Motivation and Personality.

The basis of his writings is that human beings are motivated by their needs. He believed that certain lower needs need to be met before other needs can be met. He placed these needs...