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WoodsongWoodsong s a book about a man who learns about life from his sled dogs and nature. It starts out with Gary Paulsen (the author) running his sled dogs through a forest where he is soon to learn his first lesson. While going about 20-40 miles per hour, a doe leaped right over the dogs with no hesitation, but the dogs kept running. He soon passed the doe and then noticed why the doe was running so fast in the first place, wolves. They were chasing her and caught her in the middle of a frozen lake. The wolf pack started yanking away piece after piece of the doe's flesh yet it stayed alive through the whole process. Gary came out without thinking and yelled at the wolves to stop, but not knowing that he was there the wolves were surprised at him and just ignored him. That was the first lesson that he learned from nature, not to disturb it.

Gary was 40 years old when he started getting into sled dogs. He didn't now much about them or about how to properly take care of them. He learned his next lesson on a run. Gary had a team of about 4 dogs. He was on a run to put down traps for the beavers that have been causing mischief in Minnesota. The dogs were getting tired so he decided to take a rest and fed them dry dog food (at the time he did not no of the damages dry dog food did to sled dogs during a run). As they set back on the trail, Gary noticed stains in the snow inline with a dog named Storm. Gary ignored it for a while, but when he noticed it again about 20 miles from the previous...