Absent Promise

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Terelle Robinson

Ms. Duckworth

English 101

May 5, 2014

Absent Promise

"What makes you a man is not the ability to make a child, it's the courage to raise one,"

---Barack Obama

That one light bulb seemed to emit just enough light to illuminate the dry and lifeless walls of the room I rested in. Nothing remained in the room but the mattress I laid on and an overwhelming amount of trash scattered about. My eyes burst open, unable to hold back the excitement that flowed through my entire body. Even though it was night time, the first thought that came across my mind, was to get up and to see what everybody else was doing. Wearing nothing but a pamper, I leap off of the mattress making a loud thump on the floor like a gymnast who had just stuck her landing. I bolted toward the entrance of the door and went on the search for the rest of my family.

As I move around my little raggedy apartment looking, I can't manage to find anyone but my father, an unknown figure to me. He's not unknown to me because I like being in my mother's presence better, but because he was never really involved in my life, only popping in and out periodically throughout my two years with him. Come to find out my mom and brothers had left somewhere, nonetheless my stomach roared like a pride of lions, so I asked my father for something to eat and he replied "right after I go dump the trash…stay right here I'll be back." I watched my father unhook the rusty gold deadbolt lock and slam the door behind him. Not a second pasted for me to scurry over to the only window in the living room...