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An Aristophanes’Research Paper10/28/08By Megan SmoakMrs. Grace KehrerENG 131 MD1An Aristophanes’ Research Paper OutlineBy Megan Smoak•AristophanesoWho is Aristophanes?oWhat has Aristophanes done?oWhen did Aristophanes do this?oWhy did Aristophanes do this?•His lifeoBrief biography•Greek DramaoComediesoLost worksoSurvived worksoTime periodoSimilar writersAn Aristophanes’ Research PaperBy Megan SmoakAristophanes was one of the four most famous Greek writers in literary history. Aristophanes is most significantly known for his work in old comedy. Old comedy is “Greek comedy of the 5th century… [that] combined robust humor with biting personal and political satire” ( Though a few of Aristophanes’ work has survived the years, not all of his exceptional work has. Through Aristophanes work, he shares his opinion on many subjects through exceptional satire. Aristophanes wrote throughout most of his life, apparently Aristophanes life revolves around his occupation as a dramatist and a playwright. Aristophanes was a Greek playwright which exceptional tallent. Though his personal life is unknown, with major events, his experiences could be explained.

Aristophanes lived from 448 B.C. to around 385 B.C. There is very little known about Aristophanes personal life. Aristophanes is believed to have been born in Cydathenaeum a township in Athens, Greece, but there is so little known about his birthplace that this claim is doubtful. Aristophanes’ is a child of the Periclean Age. During the Periclean Age Athens was one of the leading political powers of Eastern Mediterranien. Athens, at this time, is an important center of intellectual and artistic activity. While Aristophanes was still a boy the Pelopennesian War broke out. This war lasted until 431 BC. Aristophanes is believed to have been in a wealthy family, that easily explained his excellent education. The name of Aristophanes’ wife is unknown, but he begot three sons: Philippos, Araros, and Nikostratos. Philippos, Araros, and Nikostratos all became comic poets. Aristophanes lived around twenty...