An Accident.

Essay by ImpalerBugz October 2005

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The faint sound of water tapping on my window sill seemed endless like the persistent humming of wasps. I moaned and shifted uncomfortably on my bed. It took me quite some time to realise it was raining again. I peered outside and saw an overcast sky, with depressing clouds hanging overhead.

I forced myself to arise and dragged my legs to the bathroom. "Left...right...left...right..." I swung my legs in momentum. After getting washed up, I doffed my pyjamas and donned my traffic police uniform which was adorned with several badges. I gazed at the paranoma outside, and busy vehicles streaked across Elm Street.

I could still remember the incident a few years back, 23 August 2002. Life had been a constant down hill after that incident. Here is a brief story about it...

It was also like today, dark, rainy and gloomy. It was past peak hour, around nine in the morning.

Countless motor vehicles drove on this stretch of road. I was in charge of the traffic situation here as no traffic lights were installed.

All was going well until I was a bit sleepy, and if you were to shut your eyes even for a split secend, the situation on the road will be haywire. A taxi was about to turn left when a Mercedes-Benz approached in the opposite direction. A building shaded the two from each other, then, it happened.

Fortunately, the heavens opened, and rays of light penetrated through the dark clouds, so the weather condition was not so bad. Anyway, the taxi delivered a frontal blow, and upon receiving the blow, the Merc was flipped a full hundred and eighty degrees.

The impact was so great that it caused a sound of a mini nuclear explosion. I opened my eyes in a split second and...