Mixed up Cinderella

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Mixed Up Modern Fairy Tale

Cinderella (Cinders) - Isabelle

Stepmother - Cherimoya

Stepsisters - Christina and Victoria

Maid - Britney

Baron Cruel - DJ

Prince not-so charming - Bob

King - Dave

Fairy Godfather - Howie

Remember the classic fairytale of Cinderella? Well this fairytale is a modernized mixed up version.


Isabelle or nicknamed Cinders by her step sisters is a hard-working, beautiful, smart, step daughter to a horrible woman, and un-paid girl had her head peeking out of her window, while brushing her hair back from her sooty forehead and sighed. She wore an old, ratty, and smelly shirt and a torn pair of shorts.

"Oh Cinders!" yelled Isabelle's horrid stepmother Cherimoya who apparently thought she was still 13 years old and could fit into anything.

Isabelle let out a deep breath. Then there at the top of the staircase was her stepmother in a grey dress about 3 sizes too small.

"Cinders, move your lazy butt! It's getting cold up here." Cherimoya said in her fiendish voice.

Just as Isabella had finished piling on the extra coal, Britney the youngest, of the two stepsisters wondered in. She had on a bright neon green dress with a plaid patterned pink shoes that added about another 3 inches to her height.

"Where have you been?" Screamed Isabella.

"Ohh..I dozed off under the apple tree a couple of hours ago," She pulled out a red shimmering apple.

"But I brought you this," Britney said optimistically.

"Huh? Wrong fairytale dear," Isabella pointed out.

"Oh yeah…" She sighed. "I so wanted to be useful." Isabelle patted Britney on the head as she headed up the stairs. "Where are you going?" asked Britney.

"To try and get some sleep."


The shrill screeching of Isabelle's two stepsisters woke her up.