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Name: Nhi Tran

SID: 1886824

EMLS 112_Professor Harris

October 17, 2012

My Gratitude

I have lived in the love of my beloveds, who were always by my side when I had difficulties, since I was born. Among my beloveds, there are three people having the strongest influence on my life. My father taught me how to stand up whenever I fell down. My mother always gave me love and encouragement even though I made a lot of mistakes as I was a teenager. Last but not least, my elder sister, my best friend and my only relative in the U.S., was the one who I can ask for advice when I had to make any decision. Without them, I could not become a good person as I am.

The first person who influenced my life is my father. Before becoming a successful businessman, he had been through a lot of difficulties.

I remembered being told about his life as I was ten. My father is the fourth child of a poor family with nine children. After he graduated high school, instead of attending at a university in Vietnam, he had to work diligently to support his family due to his family's financial hardship during the Vietnam War. He opened a small business selling Buddhist statues with maternal uncle after getting married with my mother. A few years later, he was cheated by his trustiest partner, my maternal uncle. At that time, my grandparents thought his life was over; however, he started everything again with my mother's help. My father worked as hard as he could day by day with my mother and my paternal relatives. Five years later he became a successful businessman. He felt thankful for my maternal uncle because without his cheat, my father could not know why...