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Unit 36: Starting a small business Monika Kotarska Tutor: Stuart McPhail

P5- Produce a proposal containing the essential information for the start-up of a business.

Your name: Monika Kotarska

Company name: Monika's Accounting Services

Business description

My business will be providing book-keeping and accounting services. It will be a new business that I will start from scratch. I am planning to have a little office where I can meet my customers. Services I will provide include tax accounting, management accounting and general accounting. My objectives are to expand the business with five years. This means having at least seven offices and three employees in each office. I will also be looking into providing book-keeping and accounting service to small businesses. Over some time I also want every office not to only provide accounting services but also giving help on how businesses can expand.

Market Research

I am planning to spend no more than two weeks on my secondary research.

I think this will give me enough time to find any relevant information. For my primary research I am planning to spend no more than a month. Before I do my primary research I will do secondary research and look if there is any existing information that I could use. I wouldn't pay a lot of money for existing research because it might not be 100% reliable. For my secondary research I will create questionnaires with relevant question to ask the public. I will create a lot of questionnaires and ask random public to fill them out. It will be random sampling, random people. I will do this because I don't know who my potential customers can be. For my primary research I will go to small businesses asking whether they would be interested in such a service. I will also...