Accuracy of data input is important. What method of data input would be best for each of the following situations and explain why.

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Although the data input is, in general, the most time consuming part of any data base, it is essential to the accuracy of the output and therefore one must maintain a high level of accuracy and proficiency. Ultimately in the data entry process it is advisable to remove the human element in order to ensure a minimal amount of error. In an attempt to address proficiency as well as accuracy you have to determine what functionality works best for your environment. The following is a dissertation of what, in my opinion, is the best method of input for:Printed questionnaires:•Most efficient when done on a keyboard for legibility as well as accuracy.

Telephonic surveys:•Require enhanced voice recognition software that enables the user to make selections while interjecting personal commentary.

Bank checks:•Best input, for the user, would be software that formats checks and enables the user to keep a ledger such as Quick Books or Quicken.

•Best input, for the recipient, would be an optical scanner, like what most banks use to read the codes embedded/imprinted in the check.

Retail tags:•Keyboard entry is beneficial in this aspect to generate concise point of sale information. RFID or infrared scanners are best for supporting the process.

Long documents:•Keyboard entry for legibility as well as accuracy.

Convenience and quality of output are important. Explain what method of output would be best for each of the following situations and explain why:Hand held computer:•high resolution LCD screen as it is easier to seeColor photograph;•High output laser printer with multiple options for ink and paper settings to achieve the best reproduction and clarity.

Resume:•High output inkjet printer to obtain the best quality for your goals; with the digital age being as it is, many people are doing on-line resumes' and really do not need to worry about print...