Actual and Metaphorical exile

Essay by noone November 2004

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The figure of exile plays a basic and important role in both Yasmin Zhran's ' bigger at Damascus Gate ' and Franz Kafk's ' The Metamorphosis ' , with Yasmin Zhran we see the experiance of an actuall exile through the character of the Palestinian's girl , Rayya ; On the other hand Kafka presents the figure of metaphorical exile through Gregor Sasma character , In this essay i will show how these different types of exile help to form double vision which may leads to a better understanding of life .

Edward Said is one of the best critics who is concern about Comparative literature , Post-colonial studies and the experiance of exile , in his essay ' Representations of the Intellectual' he says that exile

Was a particularly dreadful punishment since it is not only meant years of aimless wandering away from family and familiar places , but also meant being asort of permanent outcast , some one who never felt at home and always at odd with the enviroment , inconsolable about the past , bitter about the present and the future .


Actual exile is a very hard experiance whether it is voluntry , to find abetter place for living , or unvoluntry , due to wars , natural disasters , or it might be a political punishment , it is avery sad time when you are to be cut off from you'r own world ,you'r own family and you'r identity as aresult , Just as what said says in his essay that ' exiled is to be totally cut off , isolated , hoplessly , seperated from you'r

own place of origin " Further more , Said affirm on the existence of the metaphorical exile when he says

Exile is also for my purposes...