Adolescent Depression

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DEPRESSION IN TEENAGERS Over the years many studies have taken place in the world. Not until recently has one dove into the teenage world of depression. Depression impacts a teenager¡¦s life in many different ways. Physically, emotionally, and socially a teenager could be scarred from a simple bout with depression.

Adolescent depression is a disorder occurring during the teenage years marked by persistent sadness, discouragement, loss of self-worth, and loss of interest in usual activities. The mental pain of depression is so overwhelming that it becomes impossible to receive any pleasure or satisfaction from life. Nobody can foster love or loyalty from a depressed person. It is said that the pain one feels when depressed can be far more tantalizing than any physical pain. Depressive states make a person feel like they are drifting in space.

In adolescents, depressed mood is common because of the normal maturation process, stress associated with it, influence of sex hormones, and independence conflicts with parents.

Depressed people often expect nothing from the world and in return learn to absorb the hardships. They are terrible at having fun, but great at accepting failure because that is how they expect things to go. Adolescents who think this way should not be subjected to high levels of punishment when they are angry and acting out because this is simply an expression of their depression. Depression gives you feedback about three aspects of your life: biochemistry, environmental stress, and your own thoughts and beliefs of oneself. When asked to describe a depressed person, one is to picture a hollow-eyed, miserable person who sleepwalks through life before taking an overdose.

This description is sad but true. One out of ten high schooler¡¦s can be diagnosed with depression at some time in his or her life. Someone who is profoundly...