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As culture expands in our society, industries will always try to find ways to sell us a product that appeals to our cultural values. This approach is known as advertisement, which is the largest industry in the world in which money flourishes prominently in the United States today. Advertising comes to us through many different aspects of our life such as the internet, newspapers, radios, and magazines. These are the basic forms of advertising but if you walk out in a public center you can notice that advertising is present everywhere around us. It can be the clothes that people wear, or particular shops, or the large obnoxious buses that have banners of products alongside of them. Not all advertisements may appeal to particular cultural value of an individual, but it is in our innate human nature that invokes us to still remain curious of such products.

The advertisement which I found in a past addition of Men's Health, is one that carry's a positive vibe.

Men's Health is a magazine that is aimed at Men who generally are active readers in subjects or issues that relate to health, weight-lifting, weigh-training, sports, and relationships, personal or psychological behavior. In this particular advertisement it is explicitly marketing a cellular telephone from the giant wireless cell phone distributor T-Mobile. I believe this ad is successful, because of the advertisement techniques that are employed, and how it also does an excellent job of product differentiation, which is the most important tool that advertisers want to establish when they target large audience of men. Product differentiation is depicted visually by looking at the cell phone and merely observing that it is unique compared to other generic cell phones. In the ad it states that "It's a PDA, a phone, and much more" and it...