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"The need for advocacy cannot be understated in relation to the provisions of such to the human service profession. The stress that is inherent to this profession has many complicating factors when the factors and elements of the individual life and indeed the world at large are factored into the subject at hand. Stated in the work entitled: "Advocacy for human services: A Professional Imperative" by Lee (1998) is that the definition of advocacy is defined as "the process or act of arguing or pleading for a cause or proposal (p.8). Within this context he recommended that individuals working in human services can become agents of social change, intervening not just in the lives of their clients but in the world around them as well. It is a necessity that this type of advocacy be applied among professionals as a service to one another in combating the specific factors the professionals in the human services may be subject to due to the nature of their work."Child

Protective ServicesKaren White a Child Protective Social Worker works for The Department of Social Services Child Protection Department and advocates for all children who suffer from various types of abuse and neglect. The ultimate goal for a Child Protective Service Worker is to improve the social and psychological functioning of children and their families and to maximize the well-being of families and the academic functioning of children. The Department of Social Services Child Protection Department utilizes the need of child abuse prevention. The targeted idea is to stop the abuse before it even has a chance to begin.

Karen White plays an advocate to children who suffer all types of abuse and neglect. Karen's role as an advocate is to speak in behalf of the children, in the hopes that they will be able...