The Affection of Auxin applied to one side and all location on the stem

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A natural response for a plant receiving sunlight on one side of the stem will trigger a response that will release Auxin to the darker side of the plant. Auxin will promote cell elongation on the dark side of the plant causing the plant to bend towards the light. It is because of phototropism. Darwin grew grass seedling where the light all around it. Then the result was the coleoptiles elongated straight. And the other experiment was that he grew grass seedling in the dark, and then the coleoptiles bent but not to die. It is because of phototropism. Plants will elongate in the dark in an attempt to reach light.

Our experiment is basically to prove (hypothesis) the auxin affects the stem elongation not only in the light, but also in the dark. And if we apply auxin to one side or all around the stem, we will have different results.

We predicted that if we apply auxin to one side of the stem, the plants will bend away to this side. If we apply auxin to all sides, the plants will grow straight. We predicted the plants applied the paste to one side of the stem and all around the stem would grow straight.


Fast Plants seeds, Auxin, Paste without auxin, Water, Duct tape, Soil, Quads, Fertilizer


1. Added a wick to each quad to draw water from the source into the soil

2. Added soil until each quad is about half full.

3. Added 2~3 fertilizers pellets to each quad

4. Added more soil and press to make a depression.

5. Added 2~3 fast plants seeds to each quad and cover them with soil.

6. Carefully water each section using a pipette until water soaks through the soil and drips from the wick.