Affirmative Action

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Through the Civil Rights Act in 1964, discrimination had been defined as denying a person their rights based on race, color, religion, sex or nationality (Affirmative Action�). In 1965, Affirmative Action was proposed as a way to make up for past discrimination because although the civil rights movement occurred things still were not changing (Affirmative Action�). Affirmative Action is defined as an active effort to improve the employment or educational opportunities of members of minority groups, which includes women. Now, thirty-eight years later, Affirmative Action has become a form of reverse discrimination. Affirmative Action is a form of reverse discrimination because it gives minorities an unfair advantage in education, work, place, and politics.

The question of whether a person who is not a minority race, may be disadvantaged, by preference given by official action to others on the basis of race alone (Reverse Discrimination�. The question raised concerns whether historic and persuasive acts of past discrimination are so extreme that they deserve reprisal.

This issue brings much controversy and public debate; it is the question of reverse racial discrimination.

Asian Americans make up only about four percent of the United States population (Group divides匒14). Although some Asian Americans back Affirmative Action, most say it hurts them. There are many divided opinions. Michael Nailat and Jonathan Hsieh are both Asian Americans born from immigrants, and both attend the University of California. Nailat抯 father was a Filipino immigrant who was a civil engineer in the Navy and also worked other jobs such as a janitor to support his family. Hsieh was son of accountant and homemaker. They were Chinese immigrants who settled in San Marino. As early as middle school, some students hired tutors assuming they would go to four years of college.

Hsieh said that admissions should be based on merit...