Racism in Film

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Racism is a common theme in literature. In selecting the text Falling (novel) :- Anne Provoost, American History X (film) directed by Tony Kayo, Schindler's list (film) :-Steven Spielberg, The hills (short story):-Patricia Grace and The Wind Talker (film):- John Woo. I am aware that the texts I have used in my investigation represent the racism in society and show how it is affecting our community.

How does racism affect the characters in each text? In Falling Lucas becomes more racist towards Arabs and also loses respect for his mother and Caitlin. He grows internal anger toward his mother because she didn?t told him what his grandfather did. Benoit manipulates Lucas against different races and he start to grow the plant of racism in Lucas. Racism makes him more violent and he wants to take revenge on the Arab people who attacked him.

In American History X Derek's way of living as a Neo Nazi leads to the death of one who he loves the most.

Racism takes life of Derek?s father and his young brother. His young brother was starting to go on the same track as him, which he never wanted to happened. Racism makes Derek a more violent person than what he was before his father died. Racism also breaks his family apart and in a way prevented his mother from being happy. She stop being mother to his children as she lost control over his children?s. Derek also had to go to jail for his violence. Derek?s also lose three year of his life in jail because of racism.

In Schindler's list by looking at the massacre of Jews people Oscar Schindler increases feelings for them. He understands the value of life against the money he was earning form them. Racism makes Oscar Schindler kind and...