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Racism is real - very real. But I don't need to tell you people that. Those of us living in

the US, probably grew up being taught that racism is a very bad thing. However, we can't grow

up expecting that we won't see it almost everywhere, nor can we believe it to be a completely evil

thing. It's just a fact of life and something that's built into human nature.

To me the word " Racism" means discrimination or prejudice based on race. This is quite interesting if you also take a look at the definitions of discrimination and prejudice: Discrimination: "The act of discriminating (to make sensible decisions; judge wisely)"

Prejudice: "An adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts." This reveals the two sides to racism. However, there's a lot of negative connotation with the word racism, which leads us to believe that the word prejudice is more accurate in describing racism.

I'm writing to show the flip side - the side described by "discrimination" in the less negative sense, which should be equally as applicable.

Let us create a situation. Let's say that in Chicago there's a rather high crime rate, and we know that 95% of all blacks commit crimes, whereas the crime rate within Whites is 5%. If you were a cop and you saw a Black person and a White person and had the choice of searching one for any illegal activities, which would you choose? Logically, the Black person because of the 95% crime rate within that race. Is this called racism? Or is this called logic? I believe that the two are nearly the same.

Another example, which may not work for everyone, look at your friends. Being Polish, I find that most of...