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Higher Education - What is Higher Learning?

ducation is the center and key element of all civilization advancements. That is one of the primary definitions that comes to mind when asked about higher education at a university. Another definition ... should exist at a university will one day become a reality.Higher education exists in many forms of definitions in life, but it is a decision that every person that enters a university must make of wh ...

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Happiness, definition

on of happiness is that it is a condition of supreme well-being and good spirits. There can be many definitions of the word happiness. It can be applied to many examples. Many people are often in sear ...

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A Civil Rebuttal (not revolt)

ter in what exactly this word brought abrupt to us is about. The word philosophy has two definitive definitions. The first simply means to pursue, or strive for, wisdom. I beg to differ in the underst ...

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Justice as Fairness versus the Principle of Average Utility. On John Rawl's statement.

rinciple of average utility. To reach a satisfactory conclusion requires an elaborate groundwork of definitions and concepts, which allows us to illustrate the situation Rawls conceptualized for indiv ... o society. To accommodate that focus Rawls creates a definition that is a good synthesis of the two definitions given by Webster's. Rawls hold that in a just society, "Everyone accepts and knows that ...

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Simple machines

Definitions:Machine- A device that makes work easier by changing the speed , direction, or amount of ...

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Ideas for Change. Above all, leadership ought to be identified, taught and discussed as a function, or set of functions, different from management, administration or command.

tion of leadership should be modified along the several lines. It should be accompanied by separate definitions of administration and supervision, all of which would constitute what might be then pres ... rvisory, administrative/organizational and leadership actions and characteristics as implied by the definitions offered above. For example, in 1999 FM 22-100, " Army Leadership: Be, Know, Do," 'Build ...

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Is An Oppressive Government More Desireable than No Government?

irable than no government.'Before I continue, I'd like to define a few key terms in the topic. [All definitions are from American Heritage.]Oppressive is defined as unjust or difficult to bear.Governm ...

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incest is a highly controversial topic. Yet, the definition of incest is one of the most important definitions for the people involved, though the law=s and psychologists= meanings are not much the s ...

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Stress Management Outline

n very good out line It is a very strong outline got a B+ on itStress Management OutlineI. StressA. Definitions ofB. Variations ofII. Factors Contributing to Stress in NursingA. Organizational/Occupat ...

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Remote Sensing

of space objects and their component parts.' Throughout the nineteen seventies a number of working definitions were used by the United Nations when discussing remote sensing, but no single definition ...

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A System of Beliefs

ounter, the importance of falsifiablity and the role of faith, in addition to a smattering of other definitions that will become important as we proceed.StatementsThe ultimate building blocks of any p ... the direct experience and, in so doing, determine the truth value of the idea in question. All such definitions of faith and reason are most significant when concerned with metaphysical statements, bu ...

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Multiculturalism in the US

n, quality, etc. - pertaining to having to do with; belonging or relating to.After reading these definitions I figured out that an American is someone who belongs, is related or has something to do ...

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Equity, Define equity and how we are effected by it every day

erent definition, which is "Something that is just, impartial, and fair."(Webster's) With these two definitions, we create one formal definition, which is "The state, quality, or ideal of being just, ...

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existence, the serch for identity

ing of life? arestill unanswered. Yet, while man is still a long way from arriving at anyacceptable definitions, there is deep within everyone the hint of an idea ofwhat it means to be a whole person, ...

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What is the Warrior Ethos? ly for the last 100 years, the ethos of the U.S. military has been oriented toward the requirement to win the nation's wars.

If you randomly survey military personal on what the warrior ethos is, you will get many different definitions. The Army has a value system based on seven values: (1) Loyalty, (2) Duty, (3) Respect, ...

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History of the Internet

of shared resources, or even as anattitude about interconnecting and intercommunication. Some commondefinitions given in the past include:* a network of networks based on the TCP/IP protocols,* a comm ...

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Pornography on the Internet, Freedom of Press or Dangerous Influence?

The topic of pornography is controversial many times because of the various definitions which each have different contexts. Is it nudity, sexual intercourse, art, or all of the ... l as the abortion debate and very similar in many respects. Both sides have strong feelings on what definitions are used, what is morally correct, and the causality of pornography. There is no clear-c ...

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What is an education, an expanded definition including a dictionary def.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary one of the definitions of the word 'education' is: 'The systematic instruction, schooling or training given to ...

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Untraditional Traditions

ad-winners or college students. Also, the definition of family has changed. We are dealing with new definitions and characterizations of the idea of family. Some of us have traditional families. Some ...

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Hate Crimes

I. What are Hate CrimesA. Definitions for Hate CrimesB. Counting Hate Crimes1. White Power2. Black PowerII. Examples of Hate C ...

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