Equity, Define equity and how we are effected by it every day

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Equity within the law is "Justice applied in circumstances covered by law yet influenced by principles of ethics and fairness." (Webster's) This is true, yet society can come up with a different definition, which is "Something that is just, impartial, and fair."(Webster's) With these two definitions, we create one formal definition, which is "The state, quality, or ideal of being just, impartial, and fair."(Webster's) In society we deal with equity and inequity everyday, from people that we interact with every day to the news media, movies, newspapers, and books.

Several of the movies that the class watched dealt with equity. In Trial by Television , it looked as if the people were being tried by the news media, even before they got to the court room. Unfortunately, this can be one negative aspect of a free society since freedom of the press is one essential to such a society. Currently in America, with a free news media, society tends to judge people before they know the whole story.

In some cases, when the news media comes in, they make the innocent person look like they are guilty because of what happened. It is not always true though. Sometimes, because of television, one person looks like a good guy and one person looks like a bad guy when in reality they are the exact opposite. When society is looking at the television and how people are tried, it begins to seem like the T.V. movie of the week. When the news media comes and tries to get a side of the story that they think happened and it is aired all over the country people will start to prejudge what is going on through the T.V. even though it might not be right. However news media is not always bad. (Trial...