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"Oh, Earth, you're too wonderful for anybody to realize you," said Emily in Thorton Wilder's book "Our Town". To many this is a quote to move the soul, to make a person think and realize their precious time on earth is limited and should be appreciated. However, I feel humanity is so wronged by this quote that I must argue against it. The world is a twisted place filled with pain, suffering, and boredom. People are just smart enough to look back on things with a positive view remember of it what they enjoyed. However, this jogs the truth of a life on Earth.

The world listens to the wise and the experienced because they know better.

For instance, looking back on elementary school, I recall playing with my friends, having no worries, no cares, enjoying my sheltered little life. I could say that children in elementary school just don't know how good they have it.

However who's to say it was so great. Its easy for me to say that I didn't appreciate that time in my life enough and it held more greatness than I knew. However, if I really think back to my days at elementary school I also remember hating it at the time. So how can I say now, that I was wrong to not like it. I would wake up early everyday just like I do now, and go into class where the teacher told me what to do and I had no freedoms. I would do lots of "easy work", but it wasn't easy at the time, it was actually quite difficult, and I would sit for hours studying spelling words and reading books. It was not enjoyable, because I had nothing really going for me at the...