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Title: Dragons of Autumn Twilight (DragonLance Saga) Authors: Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman 1) Three major characters in the novel that I read were: Tanis the half-elf, Raistlin the Mage, and Sturm the Solamnic Knight. Their lives were all connected because they were a group of adventures; Tanis was their leader. They were a group for a great many years, and had fought many battles at each others sides.

2) There was more then one character which I liked the most, but two of them stick out the best. I would have to say that Raistlin and Tasslehoff( Tas for short).

Raistlin because he was the magic user of the group and I always enjoyed reading about the spells that he caste and new off. He was also one of my choices because there was something strange about him. He had an evil side to him it seemed and it made him interesting.

Tas because he was always getting into trouble. He was a kender, small and silent. They were excellent thieves and lock pickers. They are also scared of nothing and are very nosy. I chose him because he was very humorous and quick to investigate.

3) The character which I liked least would have to be Sturm.

Sturm was to serious and strict, although it was because of his code of his knighthood. I just didn't find him that interesting. He was also quick to judge and all he wanted was to be famous.

4) The major problem that the characters in this novel had to resolve was to find the true Gods and defeat the army of draconian and dragons of the Queen of Darkness.

5) "They watched him as he stripped his clothing off and was about to reveal his true identity" I choose this for...