The Great Bear Hunt

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The day was most beautiful beside the Lander's peak, in the Rocky Mountains.

The sun and the sky was as beautiful and blue as water in the lake beside the peak. There

were two little Indian tribes beside the lake. It was really comfortable for the Natives to

stay beside the lake because they could bathe themselves and get water from the lake. It

was also not hot because the mountains brought the coolness to the area. Some trees

separated the two tribes. The tribe closer to the peak was called Kakhui and the other

tribe was called Monhawk. Both of the tribes were very warlike, and always fought with

each other.

Hunting was a very religious and important activity for both of the tribes. There

were a lot of animals in the Rocky mountains. There were wild cows, wild birds and

tigers. The most important and hard to capture was the bear.

If a tribe caught a bear they

earned a lot of respect from all of the other tribes in the are. There were not a lot of bears

in the are, but there were a lot of hunters to catch them. Even the powerful weapons did

not help the Natives capture a bear sometimes. A lot of people got killed hunting for

bears. Bears also had a large supply of fat which provided the Natives with a lot of food

for the winter. Bear was the most respectful animal in that area.

One day the Kakhui tribe ran out of food and needed a large supply of food

because winter was close. Most of the children were getting very thin because they did a

lot of work and needed to eat more. So most of the hunters gathered together and made a

plan on how to...