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Learning Is a Journey"One good way to shock everybody is to say that I am a teacher. It brings forth a multitude of reactions, but usually everybody is speechless," said Ms Joanna Clancy, an English teacher at Kaunas High school in Lithuania. She laughed while she told her story. She simply loves her job - teaching and also interacting with kids. Joanna adores being a teacher. "But sometimes it is a little hard to explain to people that a person like me, who really did not like teachers in the past, became a teacher. It is easier with people who did not know me before," said this tiny lady with caramel color hair and playful sincere smile.

Ms Joanna opened up and brought an interesting story of hers. Surprisingly, she never thought to become a teacher. She was always dreaming to be an entrepreneur. Her dream was to have a travel agency.

This dream pushed her to a management school, and there she got her first degree. "But life had a lovely surprise ready for me," recalled Joanna, "I should never say never because now I am proud to be a teacher." She beamed a huge warming smile, and her eyes were sparkling as she talked. It became clear that she has a talent for connecting people, and she also makes them listen. As a teacher she makes her students like her and as she says "To make kids love teacher is a hard work; in fact, nobody made me love teachers while I was a high school student."Being a foreign language teacher she feels like she needs not only to teach a language but also traditions and lifestyles in other countries. "That is my favorite way to make lecture vivid. I am always trying to see outside the box,"...