Jack the Ripper inspired short story with a religious twist

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"If you can find the strength inside yourself, then you can become one of the few people who gets to see all the perfection that God ever created. The perfection of God and the burning desire to see it in full blossom, is planted in everyone of us. But it takes tremendous strength and a strong mind to unlock the purity. Most people do not even know it is there. How I pity them!"

The time is 10 p.m. and I am restless. I have lit a candle in a seemingly futile attempt to soften up the sharp white agony in my head. It is the only light in the little cellar and, situated on the floor in the middle of the room, it makes the cold walls crawl with lurking shadows and unseen creatures. I sit on the concrete floor, leaning against the bolted wooden door, carefully avoiding the red pool of blood that is barely visible in the dim lighting from the flickering flame.

Out there, just on the other side of the ring of light from the candle, she lies. Her skin glows with the liquid gold from the flame and she tries to move, despite her weakness and agony - she reminds me of the previous one. I remain motionless while she slowly moves, inch by inch, across the floor. Every motion is painfully slow and almost like a vision, I see her struggle mirrored in my shiny dark eyes. Yes, there is definitely a similarity! The resemblance is almost indistinguishable. But I can see it! In her struggle I find the same beauty as before. A perfect symmetry unfolds before me. Her nails scrapes against the roughness of the floor and the red blood drips from her hair as she, once again, tries to get...