Life After Rape, this story is about a young girl who was raped at a baseball game.

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It was like a dog without a name or a fish without water; it's a feeling you want to go away, but sticks and sticks like glue on paper. You try to pull it off, but it just ends up tearing. Tearing through everything that you have worked to make right.

A young girl, Christine by name, walks this shadow everyday. People point and laugh as she walks down the halls, they don't see the good inside of her, and they only see her faults. They don't call her by name, but instead, "that's the girl who got raped." Deep down she wants to cry but miraculously keeps her head up high, she knows what happened and their nuisance hasn't phased her. Vanessa, her best friend, sticks by her even through the dark clouds. She knows Christine is in pain and she doesn't have to scream it out loud.

"Christine, come with me, I want to show you something," he said.

"Why did I listen?" she thinks everyday.

"Just around this corner, a little closer, a little closer." he excitedly said.

"I was so stupid, I should have known he'd do this to me, why didn't I just run away?"

The noise in the background drowned out all the shrieks. "Homerun!" she heard every-one scream. Another point for the team and the score was now 14 to 6. It was a well-known fact that Florence High School had the best baseball team as well as football team.

This night would ruin baseball for Christine all together. She was to be cheering but would not show. The girls wondered why, but didn't stop to look; they never even called. If only they looked behind the stands in the bushes they would see a girl begging, "Please, don't, please!"...