Like those heroes / Open roads

Essay by hammitA, March 2007

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Like those heroes

You make me feel like a rock star

the one with the touch, the special kiss

the man who fortune's going to take far

our whole lives have been leading to this

You hold the deepest belief in your lonely heart

that I'm the one, you know I always care

no matter what ever tries to tear us apart

life is so full, there room for despair

I'm going to grow my hair and publish my name

I'm going to be the coolest sensation to ever fly by

I'm going to follow this muse to fortune and fame

I'm going to be a super hero, hey I just might fly

You make me feel like a hero in bright blue shirt

watching over my loved ones, the best I can

making sure that no body's going to get hurt

trying to remind everybody that I'm just a man

Open roads

Yes my love, we've been a great friends

but you know I don't believe it ends

each love is precious and one of a kind

and the memories will ever enliven our minds

Love never ends, it only grows in new ways

twists and changes as plough through our days

your love was so powerful I can never forget

and in my heart of hearts, my only regret

Will be that I never felt, your warm embrace

never got to kiss, your sweet honey face

my tears will dry, and then return for a while

memories of your laughter will make me smile

So come what may, I will always love you

wherever you go, and whatever you do

come what may, for tomorrow may never know

what I may become or where my road will go