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In Castel Rock Maine, There were four boys Vern Tesio, Gordie La Chance, Chris , and Teddy Duchamp.

They have a tree house in a abandon parking lot where they play cards and hang out.

Vern comes and tells the gang that when he was under his portch looking for his penneys that he had burried when he was eight he over heard his brother talking to his friend charlie hogan about the child that was missing but they said that they did it and they said where the body was.

Gordie's brrother died in car crash.

Gordies parents never paid any attention to Gordie.

There was a story that started in the book,and I didn't get it. It was a nudity scene, like a story but just started in the middle of the book.

So they each told there mom's and dad's that they were camping out in the field when they where realy going to find the dead child.

Chris brought a gun that he stole off of his dads bureau. He let Gordie see it and he told Gordie that it wasn't loaded. So Gordie pulled the trigger. And KA-BLAM. The gun was loaded and he shot the trashcans behind the diner. The waitress cam out but she thought it was fircrackers.

They started out on there mission walking along the train tracks.

Teddy Duchamp played chicken with the train pretending he was a paratrooper, but Chris pushed him out off the way in the nick of time. They get into a fight but settle it.

They go into the town dump to get a drink of water. It is restrickted to go in there when the dump isn't open. They fliped to see who goes to the store to get the food. when...