Is Sacrifice Needed For Love?

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Sacrifice not only a big part of love; it is necessary for love to exist. Sacrifice makes a relationship between people easier. In all relationships at one point a sacrifice is made. Sometimes it is a very small sacrifice such as changing a schedule other times the sacrifice is moving to be with the one you love. Other times sacrifice is so great you must give up your loved one knowing that it will hurt you greatly, but in the end make the other person happy. As a 14-year old, I have no that to make this kind of sacrifice, but I have witnessed people sacrificing for love with my family and friends. I have also seen sacrifice in the movies and books. It's something that moves people when they witness it and makes them think. In all societies this theme is found in literature, movies and music.

My cousin was always terrified to fly.

When he fell in love with this wonderful girl it created a problem. She was going to college in Florida and he lived in Rhode Island. There was nothing that could stop him from going down to visit her. He conquered his fear and suffered much discomfort, but flew down to see her many times. The sacrifice he made to see he wasn't a major sacrifice, but it made their relationship deeper. Later she moved back to Rhode Island and I attended their wedding two weeks ago.

When my brother first went to college a few years ago, he met a great girl. They became very close and were together for four years. But she graduated a year before him and got a job offer to work with Ford. She was very excited about this offer, but the job was in Michigan, She wanted...