Lost Diamonds Of Killiecrankie

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The Lost Diamonds Of Killiecrankie 1. Read the opening letter. How does this position the reader? How does this add truth to the tale about to unfold? The letter in the opening by Geoffrey Middleton positions the reader to believe the story is true, because Middleton expects no-one to believe him, but he goes through with it. Geoffrey- very passionate about Killiecrankie true personal appeal, selection of words. Looks real. Impression is real.

2. Through his point of view, what do we come to know about the narrator Geoffrey Middleton? He was an artist and went bushwalking in the Killiecrankie mountains. He was an art teacher, not very old, fairly young, likes painting landscapes. Disturbed by the experience. Has long hair, adventerous, doesn't have a lot of money, not wealthy, independent, possibly a loner. He sounds trustworthy, doesn't appear to have a reason to lie or to manipulate the facts.

Communicates very well friendly.

3. Summarise Middleton's description of Flinders Island and Whitemark. What does this establish about the setting? Turquoise sea. The shimmering gold of the beaches, haunting grey "“ green bush, a range of peaks, not very populated.

4. What could Middleton's first encounter with Lex Bowman foreshadow about this place? It's not a place open to toursits, not a friendly place. Dark, musterious, and secretive town hiding a secret.

5. Describe Middleton's first meeting with Aaron Bates "¦ What do we discover about Aaron? At first the boys were annoying Middleton then they became friends. Aaron knows a lot about the history of the diamonds and Flinders Island. Parents died.

6. What does Middleton discover about Wybaleena? Wybaleena was known as "Black Man's House" a horrible, cold place. A lot of aboriginal people died there. A lot of unmarked graves. Questionable.