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"He" by Katherine Anne Porter and "Average Waves in Unprotected Waters" by Anne Tyler Many authors intend to make readers understand what the people in the stories are going through by writing their stories. They often write about different situations families might face. Mrs. Whipple in "He" by Katherine Anne Porter and Bet Blevins in "Average Waves in Unprotected Waters" by Anne Tyler, handle very similar situations, but deal with them in very different ways.

In the short story "He", Mrs. Whipple had to deal with a very difficult situation. Her son, who goes by the name of "He" was emotionally handicapped from an accident in the Whipples' chicken coop. Mrs. Whipple tried to convince herself that she loved "Him". She never really understood "His" feelings because he never showed them or expressed himself to her or the family. Katherine Anne Porter uses literary elements like characterization and setting to tell her story.

The Whipples have a very hard life to. Having three children makes it even more difficult, but the fact of having an emotionally disabled child somewhat made their life easier too. The Whipples were not economically well off. They were farmers and every year the crops would get worse and worse. Farm life was a very sad and dismal life and was never-changing. They didn't have enough money to support their whole family. They didn't have enough blankets for the children and since "He" didn't show that he cared for any, they took them away and gave them to the other children. Mrs. Whipple's character was apprehensive. She would always worry about what the neighbors might think if they found out this or that. "It's the neighbors", she would constantly say (Pg 356). She made herself believe that she cared for her son "He". In reality...