Agriculteral Pollution

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Agricultural Pollution I think that everyone should cut back on pollution with reduction and prevention, so why should this exclude farmers? Farming is a leading cause of water pollution today. Industry thought they could get away with it and they were finally stopped. Using fertilizers and pesticides that can leak into the drinking water should be made illegal, just as it was made illegal for factories to dump their waste into the water or bury it. Now it is time to stop the farmers and educate them about how their farmicides are detrimental to the environment and also teach them how to grow their crops organically.

Farming pollutants affect the rivers in our country. When fertilizers, pesticides and soil are deposited into rivers, it is a huge problem. As they fill up the river bed, they can cause floods and cloud the water, which decreases sunlight and lowers the oxygen levels of the water.

It can cost anywhere between $2 and $8 billion dollars a year just to fix the damage from sediment runoff.

Groundwater damage is also caused my farmicides. Half of the nation's drinking water is groundwater and the main pollutants found in it are nitrates from fertilizers and animal waste. High enough levels of nitrate in the water can cause illness in those who drink it.

More research must be done in farm technology in order to find the best way to farm and protect the environment at the same time. We cannot continue to pollute our drinking water, but we still need farming in order to feed ourselves. The proper research could find a way to serve both causes.