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ÒBy the year 2000, the number of people infected with the AIDS virus is expected to be 40 million and the number of people with full blown AIDS is expected to reach at least 6 million.Ó In 1992, AIDS Weekly Magazine said, ÒBy 1993 AIDS will be the leading cause of Ôyears of potential life lost.Õ" This prediction was proven true since AIDS is now the most severe, life threatening disease. Most people infected with the HIV virus (the virus that causes AIDS) seem healthy, and do not realize they have been infected. A person may not discover that they have the infection until it has become AIDS. The earlier the discovery is made, the sooner the individual can start on a treatment program. With the HIV virus, there is an incubation period where the virus cannot be determined or where side effects will not be seen. According to the American Red Cross National Hotline, it takes approximately eight to eleven years for the virus to breakdown the immune system and for the HIV infection to develop into a full blown case of AIDS.

Once the immune system is destroyed an individual is susceptible to any infection or virus because the body does not have the tolerance or means to fight off the illness. However, people with the HIV infection can transmit the virus to others even if they show no symptoms and are unaware of their infections. I am going to show you the problem with the spread of the virus and then the solution to preventing the spread of HIV. First I will show the problems of the spread of AIDS through sexual contact and through needle sharing. Then I will conclude on how states are taking action and how you can prevent yourself and loved ones from...