Is More Than One Cause of AIDS Possible?

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"The HIV establishment and its journalist allies have replied to various specific criticisms of the HIV theory without taking them seriously. They have never provided an authoritative paper that undertakes to prove that HIV really is the cause of AIDS.... After ten years of failure, it is time to take a second look."

-Charles A. Thomas, Jr., Kary B. Mullis, and Phillip E. Johnson

(qtd. in Atwan)

A homosexual male exits the HIV/AIDS testing center with a pale and sick look on his face. He has just been told that he is HIV positive. Due to the statement that is taken as fact in the media, "HIV causes AIDS," he takes his being HIV positive as a death sentence. This happens every day in the United States and the reaction is virtually the same across the board.

In an article called "What Causes AIDS? It's an Open Question," a trio of doctors of scientists, Charles A.

Thomas, Kary B. Mullis and Phillip E. Johnson, try to prove that HIV is not the cause of AIDS and that there is another cause of AIDS out there somewhere, but the scientific community continues to ignore the possibility (Thomas-1995). It has been proven that HIV does have something to do with causing AIDS. The majority of AIDS patients that also have HIV cannot be ignored. HIV is however not the only cause of AIDS. This is proven by the thousands of AIDS victims that do not have HIV. It is widely assumed by nearly everyone in the world that HIV is the only cause of AIDS. It is puzzling, however, that this is believed, because there has never been any solid evidence to say that this is true and there has not been a single paper written that proves that this is...