Conspiracy of AIDS

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The Conspiracy of AIDS

Every minute five people die worldwide from AIDS. Eighty-eight percent of these people are living in third world countries. AIDS (short for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is a disease characterized by the progressive destruction of the body's immune system. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is believed by scientists and medical researchers to lead to AIDS. HIV infects T-cells or white blood cells, which help the immune system by fighting off diseases. The theory that was first introduced to the people of the world was that AIDS was contracted by a monkey bite; we now know this is not possible. Still nothing has been proven to be correct, but there has been many theories purposed and substantial evidence to support one of these theories. AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease, killing millions yearly, but reliable evidence suggests that the United States government and World Health Organization did little or nothing to stop the disease from spreading and possibly developed AIDS as an implement to control population in third world countries.

There are many AIDS conspiracy theories that have sparked the imaginations of intellectuals, though nothing has been completely proven. One theory, accepted by many, is the African Green Monkey theory. This theory suggests that HIV is a natural virus jumping from a monkey to a human being without genetic interference. The story is that a green monkey bit a native on the buttocks and like magic AIDS suddenly appeared all over central Africa (Guyatt).

It is now a well known fact that AIDS does not naturally occur in monkeys. Furthermore, it is not known to naturally occur in any animal. A study of the green monkey's cell structure provides substantial evidence that it is not genetically possible for AIDS to be transferred from monkey to man...