AIDS, from its history, how it infects the body, the symptoms,how it is spread, and the current methods of treating the disease.

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AIDS: It's Effect on People and Society

When AIDS was first discovered there was lots of confusion on what the real deal with it was. People didn't have much of a grasp on where it came from, the effects on the person's body that it caused, how it was transmitted to others, and if in fact there was any possible way to cure the deadly disease. Recently a 23 year old man by the name of Jason Robertson had died from aids this year. In his childhood, since people didn't have much knowledge about AIDS, he was discriminated against, and kept away from people outside his family, including his teachers and classmates, for fear of him spreading the disease. In present times, we have much better knowledge on AIDS than we did in the past.

The development of AIDS most likely took place in the 1940's and 1950's, but went by unnoticed, because the common people of that time period thought the person died of natural causes.

AIDS has been discovered to have been started from a pack of a certain "Grey-green" monkeys, the virus started as simple and non-lethal, but it eventually mutated to what it is today, HIV-1 and HIV-2.

In 1959, a hunter from the town of Kinshasa (town in present day West Africa), felt ill and went to a local hospital and gave some blood to be tested. Scientist who studied the blood found that something was terribly wrong with it but couldn't classify it, so it was frozen and wasn't taken another look at until the 1980's, when HIV/AIDS, started to hit hard in the US. The blood was in fact infected with the original AIDS virus that originated from the Grey-Green monkey tribe. This tribesman infected with the first known...