AIDS - A US made Moster?

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AIDS: A U.S.- Made Monster?


In an extensive article in the Summer-Autumn 1990 issue of 'Top Secret', Prof

J. Segal and Dr. L. Segal outline their theory that AIDS is a man-made disease,

originating at Pentagon bacteriological warfare labs at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

'Top Secret' is the international edition of the German magazine Geheim and is

considered by many to be a sister publication to the American Covert Action

Information Bulletin (CAIB). In fact, Top Secret carries the Naming Names

column, which CAIB is prevented from doing by the American government, and

which names CIA agents in different locations in the world. The article, named

'AIDS: US-Made Monster' and subtitled 'AIDS - its Nature and its Origins,' is

lengthy, has a lot of professional terminology and is dotted with footnotes.


'The fatal weakening of the immune system which has given AIDS its name

(Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome),' write the Segals, 'has been traced back

to a destruction or a functional failure of the T4-lymphocytes, also called

'helper cells`, which play a regulatory role in the production of antibodies in

the immune system.'

In the course of the illness, the number of functional T4-

cells is reduced greatly so that new anti-bodies cannot be produced and the

defenceless patient remains exposed to a range of infections that under other

circumstances would have been harmless. Most AIDS patients die from

opportunistic infections rather than from the AIDS virus itself.

The initial infection is characterized by diarrhea, erysipelas and intermittent

fever. An apparent recovery follows after 2-3 weeks, and in many cases the

patient remains without symptoms and functions normally for years. Occasionally

a swelling of the lymph glands, which does not affect the patient's well-being,

can be observed.

After several years, the pre-AIDS stage, known as...