Air and Water Pollution Plan: Virginia and Michigan's air and water pollutant issues

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Air and Water Pollution PlanVirginia and Michigan both suffer air and water pollution issues. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the air and water pollution issues of these two communities. Then to identify various ways to reduce the forms of pollution that have been recognized.

Air Pollution Breakdown for Virginia and MichiganIn Virginia air pollutants come in many forms. According to Virginia's Air Resources (2006)… Human activities intensify air pollution from every day activities such as burning…•Coal•Oil•Wood•Gasoline•Fuels used to run factories, cars, farm and off-road vehicles, construction equipment and power plants that generate heat and light for homes and businesses.

Burning fossil fuels causes toxic gasses, smoke and soot that pollute the air. Saw mills, rock mines etc. add additional particles to the air as well. In combination with the air these pollutants chemically react with one another to form doubly dangerous pollutants and toxins to the atmosphere.

"High levels of ozone, such as 0.12 parts per million, are frequently found in urban areas during hot summer months." (Virginia's Air Resources, 2006, page 17.0). According to Virginia's Air Resources (2006)… Continued exposure to chemicals may cause or increase illnesses such as…•Skin and eye irritation•Headaches•Loss of appetite•Drowsiness•Irritated nose and throat tissue•Contact dermatitis•Liver damageIncreased air pollution causes moderate to severe side effects in the human populous and an increased need for medical care even in healthy people. "Polluted air can make healthy people cough and wheeze…for people who are sick or especially sensitive, air pollution may worsen an existing condition and mean… increased use of medication, and more visits to doctors and hospitals" (Virginia's Air Resources, 2006, page 18.0).

Dearborn, Michigan attributes the majority of air pollution to the auto industry. The demands on Ford for automobiles lead to a greater demand of steel in which to build...