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  • American Airlines Case Study BUS 490 Strategy and Policy

    well written--very informative--though some of the areas were confusing to me--that may be due to the fact that I haven't studied the airline industry as in depth
    • 18/03/2008
    • 07:53:01
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  • The Airline Industry

    I found the paper to be informative and the reference list will definately be of help to me when researching for my own paper
    • 18/03/2008
    • 07:46:43
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  • Information Management in Business: Software Quality

    I am actually taking business management myself-- I,m on my last block for my associates--and if I would have ever turned in an essay like this it would have been thrown out--Wikipedia is not acceptable as a reference past the second block of classes in my college--However, on a positive note: If this were study notes I would say--Great Job!!--This would probably be useful in preparation for a final paper--However, you will need to paraphrase rather than quote so much of your information... If this was study notes--Maybe you will want to be more careful how you list papers in here for the next time--
    • 04/02/2008
    • 08:57:15
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  • Race and Racial Perspectives in Shakespeare's Othello

    I think this was well written, I agreed with the conclusion too...
    • 24/12/2007
    • 04:42:45
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