Problem Formulation and Identification

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IntroductionAll organizations both in the civilian sector and government institutions are daily faced with issues which involve problem formulation and identification to create and implement an appropriate solution for the betterment of the organization and its employees. While many issues that arise are seemingly easy to identify and devise quick, on the spot, solutions others are more complex and harder to identify which take more time to develop or formulate well-reasoned conclusions to and solutions for the issue.

The purpose of this paper is to investigate and observe the decision-making process most prevalent in the organizations of each of the three team members in Learning Team A. Information will be gathered from each teammate's perspective of his or her organizations' identification and formulating styles then compared and contrasted based on the strengths and weaknesses identified in to determine the most favorable aspects of each style discussed. Finally, considerations will be made to describe a process by which a problem can be identified and described to stakeholders in a manner that is sensitive to their perspectives.

U.S. Navy Senior Enlisted Academy: BrainstormingAt the U.S. Navy Senior Enlisted Academy, the primary method for problem identification and formulation is a combination of surveys and brainstorming. Once an issue is identified as a potential problem, the leadership surveys the staff for ideas. The staff brainstorms the issues individually then presents their findings as a collective group during a staff meeting. Once the ideas are consolidated, the leadership presents a final list for discussion. During the discussion, the staff uses brainstorming to generate ideas, determine the root of the problem, identify possible supporting problems, generate potential solutions and contingency plans, and create a plan of action and milestones to monitor the progress.

Brainstorming StrengthsBrainstorming is an effective tool based on collaborative thinking which involves...