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Job-hunting today is a difficult process. Not only do you have to take the time out to look for a job, you also have to see which job is right for you. The process might seem so easy, but it is not. Job-hunting requires good planning. The process of job hunting today consist of good brainstorming of the important things you are looking for in a job, finding the jobs, researching and making the final decisions on which job is the best one to go to for the interview. Depending on your job field and your requirements, you first need to find different companies that meet those requirements. For example, if one is interested in an accounting job, they have to find a company that has an opening for an accountant. Different companies have different criteria: salary, job environment, dress code, employees, location, and job description. Everyone has his or her own preferences when it comes satisfaction.

The process of job hunting first consists of brainstorming what one is looking for in a job. Brainstorming consists of making a list, a web, or short paragraph of what you are looking for in a job. The brainstorm will have different criteria: expected salary, job description, job environment, location, and other important things one must have for a job.

After brainstorming, finding jobs is the next step. Newspapers and on-line web sites are great resources to start out with. This actually takes the longest time out of the whole job-hunting process. After brainstorming on location, and job description, this should speed up your findings. After finding out several jobs that interests you, researching for the job is the next process.

Researching the jobs you have selected is the most important process. If the company has a website, go to...