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Suitable Job for a Russian Student

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A great number of students and teenagers nowadays are taking part in living independently from the parents. Sometimes young people still continue living with their families, but try not to rely upon them in financial issues. Taking a student job is the mark of living life on your own, not depending on career, mood, or prejudice of other family members. Working helps teenagers to become responsible and hardworking adults and to decide on the career path to pursue in the future. This also gives an individual several invaluable skills, such as skills of money management, time management, customer service and office management skills. Here are just a few examples of skills sought by employers looking to hire permanent employees in future. Of course, process of working during studies has its own disadvantages as well.

Working takes a considerable part of student's free time, which can be spent on learning new material or practicing it. However, it's a common knowledge that more often this time is spent on entertainments, parties and leisure, but not on studies. Obviously, almost any student is able to work without any damage of studies and knowledge. Right balance and competent planning are key when it comes to maintaining sanity while juggling a new job, personal life and studying affairs. Without balance, life would be chaotic, so one should make sure that he/she can handle every thing decided to be taken on.

Job hunting may be difficult at first. As far as working during studies is a necessity for many students, rivalry should be expected for even minimum wage positions. Also employees often are not very interested in student employers because of lack of experience, unreliability, and quite a...