why do people behave differently when wearing new clothes

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The Course: Writing

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Student: Aziza Alimova

Some claim that people behave differently when they wear different clothes. Do you agree that different clothes influence the way people behave?

Recently the issue whether different clothes influence the way people behave, or not has stirred up a heated debate. Some people approve that one will act differently when put on the cloth he/she has never worn before , while others oppose that a person won't be influenced by external factors as dressing . From my perspective, the way of a person's clothing affects his/her behavior. In other words, I do agree with the statement above for the following reasons.

The researchers believe that clothing holds symbolic meaning. Firstly, they claim that the influence of clothes depends both on wearing the clothing and the meaning it invokes in people's minds. For example, wearing a lab coat one may behave as a highly intelligent, precise, and scientific thinker, even not being an intern.

Ergo, when a person ascribes a symbolic stereotype to an article of clothing while wearing that, then the characteristic, strength, and/or ability symbolized by the clothing itself actually seems to have measurable effects on psychological states and task-performance.

Secondly, there is a fact that majority tend to prioritize the social opinion towards them. People dress differently to fit in different situations, to be accepted by the people in those circumstances. They better and easily interact with whom they feel comfortable with. Thus, some consider they were unlucky or failed as did not wear an appropriate wearing, and could not, therefore, act out appropriately. As an example, it can be stated of a job interview, date or concert dress codes that imply already an excepted set of rules suitable only for that or this place.